Today's Chinese Characters: , , .

Learning Chinese characters is a journey. It takes time, dedication, and resources. Tasty Mantou's Daily Chinese Characters aim to help you on your path.

The characters are carefully curated, cover a range of difficulty levels, and include more useful information and exclusive content than any site on the web.

Tasty Mantou's Daily characters includes:

  • stroke animations
  • pinyin (or zhuyin)
  • a short definition
  • a list of commons words with the character
  • a chart that illustrates how a character is used.
  • links to more complete information for the character.

Chinese Words of the Day: , ,

We know you wanted a better Chinese Words of the Day.

  1. You wanted to munch on words appropriate to your skill level.
  2. You wanted to digest more than a definition and pinyin.
  3. You wanted to savor real usage with pinyin and translations.
  4. You wanted to enjoy extras like audio, and one click character stroke animations.

Tasty Mantou has solved those problems and will provide you with new Chinese words to study every single day. Enjoy.