Learning to write characters can be really hard. As part of Tasty Mantou’s goal to be the best online Chinese Dictionary, we created custom animations for over 10,000 Chinese characters.

The animations are great for learning the correct stroke order for just about any Chinese character and they work on mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Home Page Character Animations

The first place you might see a character animation is on our home page where they look like this:

Just click on the character and its animation will start.

Definition Page Animations

You’ll also find animations when you search for Chinese words. If you searched for , then you’ll end up seeing a a large-font version like the one below on it’s definition page.

When you see a character like this tap it, click it, or hover over it to see the animation.

Pretty cool, right?

Daily Chinese Characters

Finally, you’ll find our character animations on our Daily Chinese (where they started out). If you’re looking at the Chinese word of the day, then animations will work just like they do when looking at a definition page.

If you’re on a Daily Chinese Character page, then you’ll see an animation that looks like the one on the homepage (plus a bunch of controls to view each individual stroke).

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Tell us what you think

Do you like Tasty Mantou’s character animations? Send us a note. Or if you notice any mistakes in an animation, please let us know. We’re constantly tweaking and fixing these characters.