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And don't forget to


can; may; could

Sentences and Collocations using

Zhè jiān zi zhù rén .
This room can accommodate four people.
zǒu le .
You may go.


chairman (of a meeting); chair; chairperson

Sentences and Collocations using

dāng zhǔ
be in the chair; preside over a meeting
dāng zhǔ zhǐ shì yīng míng r .
I'm the chairman in name only.
xiàn rèn gōng huì zhǔ .
At present she holds the position of chairman of the labour union.
Zhǔ de guó shì fǎng 访 wèn jiāng jié shù .
The chairman will end his state visit soon.
Gōng huì zhǔ de yán hěn jīng cǎi .
The chairman of the trade union made a wonderful speech.


be good at; be expert in; be skilled in; excel; specialize

Sentences and Collocations using

shàn cháng
be good at singing and dancing
shàn cháng xià xuán qiú .
He's good at cutting underspins.
shàn cháng pēng rèn .
He's an excellent cook.