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strange; surprising; odd; funny; queer; singular

Sentences and Collocations using

Zhēn guài , men zhì jīn hái suǒ zhī .
It's really surprising that they should still be in the dark.
Zhè ge wèn de hěn guài .
It's a strange question to raise.
yǒu de ài hào , méi shén me guài .
Everyone has his or her own hobby. It's only natural.


accuracy; accurate; exact; precise; true

Sentences and Collocations using

zhǔn què
degree of accuracy; accuracy
zhǔn què xìng


(usually of people) be missing; disappear; disappearance

Sentences and Collocations using

Shāng wáng zhī wài , shàng yǒu duō rén shī zōng .
In addition to the killed and wounded, many are missing.