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attend; join (a group, organization, etc.); take part in (an activity); enter; go in for; take; join in; sit

Sentences and Collocations using

cān jiā guǎn guó jiā shì
participate in the management of state affairs
cān jiā wǎn huì
go to an evening party
Cān jiā huì de xià sān qiān rén .
No less than 3,000 people attended the conference.
běn rén cān jiā .
You must take part yourself.
Xiào zhǎng chāi cān jiā yán tǎo huì .
The principal is sending him to attend the seminar.


all the other (persons or things); the rest; the remainder

Sentences and Collocations using

de rén shàng jiù lái .
The others will be here in a minute.
Zhè ge duì zhǐ yǒu sān míng nán de , dōu shì tóng zhì .
There are only three men in the shock team; the rest are women.


tell a lie; lie

Sentences and Collocations using

cóng lái duì bié rén huǎng .
I have never told a lie to anyone.