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hold (a meeting, ceremony, etc.); stage; host

Sentences and Collocations using

xíng huì tán
hold talks
xíng yàn huì
give (or host) a banquet
xíng gōng
stage a strike
men shí xíng hūn ?
When are you going to have your wedding?
men nián xíng le chǎng biàn lùn sài .
We had a debate competition in our grade.


solicit; seek; ask for

Sentences and Collocations using

guǎng 广 fàn zhēng qiú qún zhòng jiàn
consult the broad masses; solicit opinions from the general public
zhēng qiú jiàn gǎo 稿
an edition for soliciting comments; trial edition


rise and fall; undulate; heave

Sentences and Collocations using

níng wàng yuǎn chù shān luán
gaze at the mountain ranges rising and falling in the distance
wēi fēng zhōng mài làng
a field of wheat undulating in the breeze
xīn cháo
one's mind being in a tumult
cháo , jiǔ jiǔ néng shuì .
His head was full of restless thoughts, and for a long time he could not sleep.