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And don't forget to


study; learn; emulate

Sentences and Collocations using

Xué bié rén de cháng chù , de ruò diǎn .
Emulate others' strong points and overcome one's own weaknesses.


target; object ; butt

Sentences and Collocations using

yán jiū duì xiàng
an object of study
mìng duì xiàng
targets of the revolution
zuò xuān chuán yào kàn duì xiàng .
In doing propaganda we must consider our audience.
Líng yáng shì bào zi zhǔ yào de liè shí duì xiàng .
The antelope is the main prey of the leopard.
Ài shì ài de duì xiàng .
Alice is the object of his affections.


increasingly; day by day

Sentences and Collocations using

Máo dùn jiān ruì .
The contradictions are becoming increasingly acute.
men de duì wu zhuàng .
Our ranks are growing stronger day by day.