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leave; depart from; deviate from; exit; get along; get off; get out; go; go away; go out; quit; withdraw; retire; move away

Sentences and Collocations using

jing kāi Běi jīng le .
He has left Beijing.
kāi běn
stray from the subject; digress
bu kāi shǒu r
be too busy with the job on hand; have one's hands full



Sentences and Collocations using

Yìn shuā shù shì zhōng guó shǒu xiān míng de .
Printing was first invented by the Chinese.


pattern; style; design; cut

Sentences and Collocations using

Zhè tào jiā kuǎn shì xīn yǐng .
This set of furniture is of a brand-new design.
Zhè xiē shàng de kuǎn shì dōu cuò .
The styles of these coats are good.