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And don't forget to


believe in; be convinced of; trust; have faith in; credit

Sentences and Collocations using

xiāng xìn de shì shì zhèng de
be convinced of the justice of one's cause
xiāng xìn zhēn
believe in truth
Guān men de yàn wén yào xiāng xìn .
Don't believe the rumors about them.
Rén men xiāng xìn chī wěn chú huǒ zāi .
People believe that ceramic decorations shaped like owl's tails are helpful to exorcise fire.
zhě dōu xiāng xìn zhè ge xiàng huì chéng gōng .
Practitioners in the business believe that the project will succeed.


know something or somebody well; be familiar with; have an intimate knowledge of; familiarize

Sentences and Collocations using

shú nèi qíng
know the ins and outs of the matter; know the inside story of; be in the know
duì zhè gōng zuò shú .
He is new to the task.


A place in a city, a town, or a village which is left only with broken walls after being destroyed; wreckage

Sentences and Collocations using

Zhàn zhēng guò hòu , zhè chéng le piàn fèi .
It became a wasteland after the war.